All Purpose Accessories

2Pce Tool Set

2 pce portable tool set, stainless steel $44.95

3Pce Tool Set

3 pce tool set, stainless steel $64.95

3m Bayonet Hose

3m LP bayonet hose (Q100/1000/200/2000 series) $69.95


Barbecue apron, black with red kettle motif $29.95

BBQ Mitt

Barbecue mitt, black with red Kettle motif $21.95

BBQ Tongs

Barbecue tongs $26.95

Drip Pans

Small drip pans 10 pk $13.95
Large drip pans 10 pk $19.95

Gloves High Temperature

High temperature premium gloves, small/medium/large/xlarge $64.95

Grill Basket Small

Grill basket small, stainless steel $34.95

Grill Brushes

Small grill brush, 3 sided $21.95
Large grill brush, 3 sided $26.95

Grill Pan

Grill pan, stainless steel $49.95

Kabob Set

Kabob set, stainless steel $44.95

Poultry Infusion Roaster

Poultry infusion roaster $69.95

Rib & Roast Holder

Reversible rib and roast holder $39.95

Silicon Basting Brush

Silicon basting brush $24.95

Smoker Box

Universal smoker box $49.95

Thermometer 2Pce

No Longer Available

Thermometer Digital

No Longer Available

Thermometer Instant Read

Instant read meat thermometer $29.95

Vegetable Basket

Vegetable basket, stainless steel $49.95

Wok Tool Set

Wok tool set $34.95